A World of Hits – must read for media economy junkies

I heard a woman say this out loud today, “We are responsible for both action, and in-action.”   Curiously Shakira was on Larry King last week speaking about her foundation and taking action.  (I was at gym on treadmill watching, so leave me alone.) She indicated  her favorite periodical is The Economist.  I was impressed by that.  Of course being smitten with this gal since 2001 – there was delusion present, but  then brainiac indie trailblazer – Sean Adams from DIS – posts an Economist article today. Too many signs to ignore.  Time to read.  The article summed up all ‘new music revenue’ discussions. Case closed.

Nothing has changed much. It takes a day job, gear, van, talent (artist, producer, engineer), public relations, clipboard (digital + physical), merch (digital + physical) and lots of shows to bring music to the community. Anything more than that,  requires more money, timing and luck. It’s about being self-responsible to build a career – both artist and industry professional. Nobody gets a free lunch. It’s about work. And most work won’t involve music.

A World of Hits


How To Speak Hip


2008- Tarot Card “Ace Of Cups”

The Ace of Cups shows is a symbol of possibility in the area of deep feelings, intimacy, attunement, compassion and love. In readings, it shows that a seed of emotional awareness has been planted in your life although you may not yet recognize it. When the seed sprouts, it could take almost any form. It might be an attraction, strong feeling, intuitive knowing, or sympathetic reaction. On the outside, it could be an offer, gift, opportunity, encounter or synchronistic event. (Like releasing great records)

When you see this Ace, examine your life to see how its loving energy could work for you. This card often means that love is the essence of the situation. It may or may not be romantic love. Look for ways in which you can begin to connect with others. Do you have someone to forgive, or do you want to ask for forgiveness? Can you set aside your anger and find peace? Would you like to drop your reserve and let your feelings show? The Ace of Cups tells you that your time is coming. Right On!
This card also suggests inner attunement and spirituality. Cups are the suit of the heart, and the Ace stands for the direct knowing that comes from the heart. Trust what your feelings are telling you. Seek out ways to explore your consciousness and your connections with Spirit. Allow the power of your emotions to guide you in a new direction. Embrace the love that is the Ace of Cups.


Info found @ Learn more about the Tarot- Learn Tarot

When the Great God Pan speaks – The california jet set listen.

Higher Key in L.A. and Frisco – reposted from Great God Pan

Truth be told- I was a SF flat & dorm floor mate of the Great Erik Bluhm circa 1989- Not sure who could better lead a modern cult- Erik or Christof- both provided me culture, and tolerance in my dark San Francisco days. Jefferson completes the trifecta – A Curator Triad.

finalposter.jpgAfter thirty-plus years the moment has arrived–The return of Ya Ho Wa 13 and a semi-Source Family reunion. There will be over thirty original Source Family brothers and sisters in L.A. next week, playing music, signing books, showing films, etc. This my friends is a very rare occurence so don’t be caught sleeping. The events are all sponsored by Process Books in celebration of their latest release, The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13, and the Source Family by Isis Aquarian. The fun begins this Friday, November 8 at Skylight books, and wrap up next Thursday and Friday at The Silent Movie Theater and The Echoplex with rare films, slides, Source Family members in the flesh, and the first performances in over 30 years by the Family’s legendary rock band Ya Ho Wa 13!!!

Friday, November 9
Reading, signing, and discussion of The Source Family days at the “Mother House,” living in the Chandler Mansion in Los Feliz, with Isis, Electricity, and Om-Ne Aquarian, Magus, and others.
7pm 1818 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Sunday, November 11
Book signing and book CD listening party with Isis and E Aquarian, and Djin, guitarist from Ya Ho Wa 13! 2 pm 13616 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 •

Sunday, November 11
Reading and signing with Isis, E, Om-Ne Aquarian, and editor Jodi Wille.
7 pm 8585 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069-5199 •

Thursday, November 15
Process Media presents: An Evening with the Source Family
Ex-members of Los Angeles’ legendary Source Family re-unite onstage and in the flesh!
Slides, home movies, 70s cable access video clips and the first musical performance in 30 years by the legendary Source Family band, Ya Ho Wa 13!!!
With Isis, Electricity, Magus, Om-Ne, Electra, Orbit, and others. Also, cult/commune scholar and author (America’s Alternative Religions) Timothy Miler and Source editor Jodi Wille…and DJ New Energy’s Arrak.
8 pm 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90036
order tickets here

Friday, November 16
The Echoplex, Process books, Cold Sweat, Tee Pee Records, and Flaunt present:
The Return of Ya Ho Wa 13 with Sky Sunlight Saxon and The Seeds, Entrance, and Hecuba.
DJ explosions by SMALL TOWN TALK (dublab.com), Source Family slide show by Isis Aquarian, Film projections by DJ big TV(Fred Kiko), Special herbal concoctions, massages, and a designer simulation of Father Yod’s bedroom! Source family attire is encouraged. Get out those night gowns and caftans, and don’t forget that wide leather belt! Enjoy my beautiful poster.
8pm 1820 Sunset Blvd. Order tickets here

And if you’re in San Francisco…
Saturday, November 17
“Attendant upon the release of Process Media’s fascinating volume on the storied SoCal commune, The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13 and The Source Family, we welcome authors Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian, editor Jodi Wille, and ex-members of that Family in the flesh! The group grounds a 2 hr. audio-visual survey of the life and times of this seminal ‘60s/‘70s countercultural force in Los Angeles spirituality, music, and lifestyle (their famous restaurant The Source). A slideshow and a rare peek at family home movies and 70s cable access video clips, and numerous Ya Ho Wa 13 musical selections serve as springboards for anecdotes, discussion, and Q&A. OC fave Erik Davis, who wrote the book’s introduction, opens the show with prefatory remarks, framing the cult’s activity within his Visionary State cosmology. With Isis, E, Om-Ne, and others.
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Sunday, November 18
Book signing and listening party with Isis and E Aquarian and possibly original members of Ya Ho Wa 13 in the flesh!!!!

1055 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 647-2272

Sunday, November 18
The Return of Ya Ho Wa 13! plus Sky Saxon and The Seeds and Entrance
2174 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94114

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