HappyParts Little Data: Best New Tunes 2012


NYC Indie band club list via Todd P

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SHEA STADIUM – http://liveatsheastadium.com
DEATH BY AUDIO – http://entertainment4every1.net
BIG SNOW BUFFALO LODGE – http://bigsnowbk.tumblr.com
MUCHMORE’S – http://facebook.com/pages/Muchmores/125356810924312
285 KENT AVE – http://facebook.com/285kentave
SECRET PROJECT ROBOT – http://secretprojectrobot.org
RED LIGHT DISTRICT – http://rockawayredlight.blogspot.com
THE HO_SE – http://facebook.com/thehose28
ABC NO RIO – http://abcnorio.org/events/punk.html
PORT D’OR – http://facebook.com/portdor
STUDIO B.P.M. – http://facebook.com/pages/Studio-BPM-for-Japan/143851815682788?sk=info
THE SCHOOLHOUSE – http://myspace.com/196345927
BODY ACTUALIZED CENTER – http://facebook.com/bodyactualizedcenter
EL DORADO – https://foursquare.com/v/el-dorado/4e462b66b0fb93df270622db
WILD KINGDOM – https://www.facebook.com/events/289083874468079
THE NEVERLANDS – http://facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Neverlands/210191279012228
PIZZA FOREST – https://plus.google.com/111551973421441421702/posts/HrseYBnJm3E
NXT LVL – http://facebook.com/#!/pages/NXT-LVL/286357578061561
JMC AGGREGATE – http://jmcaggregate.tumblr.com
BLACK SHEEP PRODUCTIONS – http://facebook.com/pages/Black-Sheep-Productions/222042073875
STOLEN SLEEVES COLLECTIVE – http://facebook.com/pages/The-Stolen-Sleeves-Collective/124130654206
HARDCORE GIG VOLUME – http://hardcoregigvolume.blogspot.com
ENTERTAINMENT 4 EVERY 1 – http://entertainment4every1.net
SLEEP WHEN DEAD NYC – http://sleepwhendeadnyc.com
DEAD HERRING – http://facebook.com/pages/Dead-Herring/112232798812735?sk=info
ISSUE PROJECT ROOM – http://issueprojectroom.org
ROULETTE – http://roulette.org

Best Pop Song in 2012 to date – Rudimental – “Feel The Love” ft. John Newman

BODY || MIND = Tunez


I love this tune right now: Wymond Miles – Hidden Things Are Asking You To Find Them

I love this tune right now: Grinderman – Bellringer Blues (Nick Zinner Remix)