HappyParts Little Data: Best New Tunes 2012


The talk on the street, says you might go solo.

Note to concerned folks: Don’t Trip. ‘Petty Intervention’ in the works. The opening lyric on this number just kills me. True soul.

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – I Need to Know

New Energy Encounter Group

Marriage Records

New Energy Encounter Group – Chrome Location

Are You Ready?

Memo to Northern Souls: Click on exclusive NME  link for new Richard Ashcroft album release news – or skip the middle man, and score the straight dope,  here.  Sounds promising:  Memphis sound & Manchester swing. And on the other side of town, Nick McCabe is adroitly mixing  Black Ships tracks for imminent release.  Godspeed.

Smile! Presents in San Francisco – Friday Night

Classic Track of Day – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Maps is a classic. Stripped down it’s even more clear. Karen O’s pristine vocal shimmers when wrapped in a string arrangement. I consider their last release a pop diversion sorts. But as history reveals – if you have the talent you can take many roads. It will be interesting to see where they go next, together or as individual artists.

Chinese Underground Music

Carsick Cars - Photo: Matthew Niederhauser

Today was learn about thriving Chinese music scene day. Clicking started on various Beijing culture blogs, I than discovered a US tour in progress back east. Major coverage on mainstream media, ironically, zilch from the hipster set, beyond Brooklyn Vegan. (where I found Mp3’s.) The tour is being  presented by one of two, indies from Beijing,  Maybe Mars.  (What is the other label? )  Maybe Mars also operates a club called D-22. The artists cite influences ranging from Sonic Youth to Woodie Guthrie. 

MySpace Action + some Mp3’s Below: Carsick Cars  + P.K 14 + Xiao He

Carsick Cars – You Can Listen You Can Talk

P.K. 14 – Behind All Ruptures